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Faragó László
Transdanubian Research Institute


Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name : Faragó László

Place and date of birth : Pécs, September 23th,1953

Marital status : married, two children


landline Centre +36 (72) 523-807
landline Work +36 (72) 523-807
fax Centre +36 (72) 523-803
E-mail farago(at)
E-mail farago.laszlo(at)

Education and training

1978University of Pécs, Faculty of Economics — M. Sc. in Economics
1983Post-graduate School of Corvinus University of Budapest — planning
1983University of Pécs — Doctor of University in Economics (summa cum laude)
2003University of Pécs — PhD (political science)
2009Széhenyi István University Győr — recognition of a lecturer at the university
2016Széchenyi István Egyetem, Győr — egyetemi tanár
2018Magyar Tudományos Akadémia — MTA doktora

Language skills

English (writes, reads, lectures)

Places of work and employment

1978—1983South-Transdanubian Planning Office — Urban planner
1983—1990Centre for Regional Studies, HAS — research fellow
1991—1992Ministry of Environment and Regional Development — Director of Department of Regional Development
1992—2005Centre for Regional Studies, HAS — Senior research fellow
2005—2011Centre for Regional Studies, HAS — Deputy Director
2012—2013Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies Institute for Regional Studies — director
2013—2018Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies Institute for Regional Studies — senior research fellow
2018—MTA KRTK Regionális Kutatások Intézete Dunántúli Tudományos Osztály, Pécs — tudományos tanácsadó

Teaching activities

1988—2008Temporary lecturer, University of Pécs
2008—2013Part-time associate professor, University of Pécs
2008—Temporary lecturer, University of Győr
2013—2016docens, Széchenyi István Egyetem, Győr
2015—törzstag, Széchenyi István Egyetem Regionális- és Gazdaságtudományi Doktori Iskola, Győr
2016—egyetemi tanár, Széchenyi István Egyetem, Győr

Scientific activity

2002—Hungarian Regional Science Assotiation, member
2006—Comittee on Regional Studies of HAS, member
2008—Environmental and Regional Development Expert Comittee of Academic Comittee of Pécs, member
2008—2014Regional Development Comittee, of Academic Comittee of Pécs, chaiman
2018—MTA Regionális Tudományos Bizottság, alelnök


2004Scientific Award of City of Pécs
2006Pro Regio Award, Hungarian Government
2019Magyar Érdemrend Tisztikeresztje

Subjects taught

Regional Planning (University of Pécs, Faculty of Economics)
PhD courses: Theory of Planning; Theory of Space (Széchenyi István University Győr)
PhD Regional Development and Planning (University of Pécs, Faculty of Politology)

Research fields

planning theory, regional development, regional policy, regional economics

Trips abroad

1989visiting scholar — United States


Complete list of publications and citations (MTMT Hungarian Scientific Bibliography)

Selected list of scientific publications

1991 Local Economic Development, In: Gy Horvath (ed.) Regional Policy and Local Governments, Pécs Centre for Regional Studies
1992 with Gy. Horvath: System - Change in Hungary and New Issues of Regional Development In: Steiner ÷ Isak ÷ Marko (eds.): Alle Macht nach Unten? Region und Gemeinden Gestalten die neuen Demokratien Europas, Graz: Leykam. 177-190.
1993 Systemic change and potential trends of regional development in Hungary. In: Spatial research and the social-political changes. Centre for Regional Studies, 29–36.
1994 The competetive development concept of the South Transdanubian region. In: Z Hajdú and Gy. Horvath (ed). European Challenges and Hungarian Responses in Regional Policy. Pécs, Centre for Regional Studies 283–287.
1995 Dilemmas and main tendencies of the new Hungarian regional policy In: Fröhlich, Z, Malekovic eds. Industrial Restructuring and its Impact on Regional Development. Zagreb, Croetion Section of RSA. 215–222.
1999: Regional "winners and "losers". In: Regional processes and Spatial Structures in Hungary in the 1990's. Ed.? Hadú, Z. Pécs: Center for Regional Studies, 316-327.p
2001 Spatial Planning in the Light of the European Integration. In: Gál, Z. (ed) Role of the Regions in the Enlargening European Union. Discusion Papers Special, Centre for Regional Studies of H. A. S. Pécs.
2004: The General Theory of Public (Spatial) Planning. The social Technique for Creating the Future. Discussion Papers. No. 43. Pécs, Centre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 85. p

2009 Faragó L. – Varjú V. – Pálné Kovács I. – Finta I. – Fodor I. – Viktor G. Governance for Sustainability – Two Case Studies from Hungary. Eds. Pálné Kovács I., Varjú V. Centre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2009. 45 p. (Discussion Papers, 73.)