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The Role of Renewable Energy for Regional Development – Spa-ce.net Conference

The Role of Renewable Energy for Regional Development

Kecskemét, 25th - 26th October 2012


The annual Spa-ce.net conference was jointly organized by the Dresden Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development and the Institute for Regional Studies this year.  The topic of the event was the renewable energy and its regional aspects. Spa-ce.net is a self-interest network integrating Central, Eastern and South Eastern European institutes and organisations active in the field of spatial research and planning. The Network pursues to develop scientific and professional approaches in research and planning, to strengthen partnership relations, and to define common interests in the field of European research policy and to represent these interests jointly at the European level.  The network-conference was take place on 25th - 26th October in the Great Plain Research Department of Institute for Regional Studies in Kecskemét.


Session 1 – Hungary, Poland and Slovakia
Chair: Borislav Stojkov

András Donát Kovács, Imre Nagy
Territorial Potentials of the Green Economy in Rural Areas of Hungary Balázs Duray (PDF 3,8 MB)

Marek Degórski
Wind Energy as a Regional Development Factor or Source of Spatial Problems (PDF 5 MB)

Matej Jaššo, Peter Gezik
Public Perception of Renewable Energy in Slovakia (PDF 6,7 MB)

Session 2 – Serbia
Chair: Bernhard Müller

Mila Pucar
Building and Regulations in the Field of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources in Serbia, Regional Countries and EU (PDF 2,5 MB)

Miodrag Vujošević, Tamara Maričić
The Role of Renewable Energy in the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia: Implementation Aspects (PDF 335 kB)

Borislav Stojkov
Renewable Energy in Serbia – Regional Dimension (the Case of Vojvodina) (PDF 1,3 MB)

Danijela Obradović-Arsić
Possibilities and limitations of locating wind farms in Serbia (PDF 3 MB)

Session 3 – Germany and Czech Republic
Chair: Marek Degórski

Bernhard Müller, Andreas Ortner
Transformation of the Energy System in Germany – Challenges and Opportunities for Regional Development (PDF 2,7 MB)

Gerold Janssen
Underground Spatial Planning – Legal and Planning Settings for Managing Underground Projects (PDF 1 MB)

Igor Kyselka
Equipment for the Production of Energy from Renewable Sources – The Pros and Cons from the Perspective of Spatial Planning in the Czech Republic (PDF 1,2 MB)

Tomáš Peltan
On Commuting-related Energy Consumption and its Spatial Distribution (PDF 375 kB)